RUYI, a home brand created by Yuan Yuan,

a designer and artist,

that went with its global debut during Milan Design Week 2015.

Literally, the Chinese brand name,

“如翌(ruyi)”, means “As Tomorrow”,

in which the character “翌(yi)” means the next day,

and it implies our hope of leading future with design visions.

Moreover, “如翌(ruyi)” sounds the same as the phrase “如艺” in Chinese,

which literally means “As Art”,

representing our design philosophy of using art to change and enrich life.

RUYI is initiated as a free contemporary design language to interpret the Chinese culture.

The designer's understanding of some temperament endowed in the Chinese culture is incorporated in contemporary furniture design.

The design is lively and pleasant without losing the beautiful oriental cultural details.

RUYI integrates international perspectives into its design style and craftsmanship standard.

Since its establishment,

RUYI has received a host of valued design awards in China and beyond,

and has been covered by many trade publications worldwide.

RUYI will persevere in building a global brand rooted in the contemporary way of life while reflecting the Chinese cultural connotation.