16 September, 2016

9月8日-11日高端家居原创设计品牌ROOY如翌家居,将在上海新国际博览中心 Hall W5馆-B15(上海浦东新区龙阳路2345号)参展。届时,ROOY如翌家居将携带旗下获奖作品和原创新品正式亮相上海家居展,为海内外观众呈现精彩绝伦的家居大展。


【观石 STONE VISION】收藏和观赏天然形成的形态各异的石头是中国一种文化传统。观石沙发把这种优雅的美学与人体工程学结合起来,让产品饱满的造型与人体的曲线相贴合,兼顾了舒适与自然之美。Collecting and viewing stones of all shapes and sizes from nature has long been part of the traditional Chines culture. Combining this esthetics and ergonomics, the Stone Vision sofa matches its plump design with the curvature of the human body and thus pays equal attention to comfort and natural beauty.


【玩石 TOY STONE 】玩石沙发的灵感来源于河滩边形状各异的卵石,大大小小的卵石靠包,让坚硬顽固的化为柔软舒适,任由不同身高体型的人自由选用。一家人可以共享玩石沙发,可坐,可卧,可一同玩耍互动。该设计既可以舒适实用,又可增添生活的情趣,连结家人的情感。玩石沙发有不同的规格和组合方式,可以自由组合,不同尺寸卵石靠枕可以根据每个使用者的需要,自由选择。也可一家人一起互动玩耍。The design of “Toy Stone” is inspired by the riverside pebbles. Pebble-shaped cushions, big and small, translate hardness into softness and comfort. Suitable for people of different statures, the sofa can be shared among the entire family members. They can sit, lie and have fun on the sofa. This comfortable and practical design can also spice up your life and cement the emotional ties between the family members.


【 镜花缘 FLOWER WINDOW 】镜花缘融合了中国传统花窗与建筑实体虚实相间的美,既有高背沙发在空间中围合隔断的功能,便于营造一个半私密的空间,同时又不失空间的通透性。细腻圆润的花窗图案,寓意吉祥圆满,与高低靠背自由的组合方式相结合,镜花缘沙发兼顾了功能,审美与舒适自由的生活方式。Flower window integrates the beauty of emptiness and solidity of traditional Chinese lattice window and architecture. Functioning as a partition, this high-backrest sofa creates for its users a semi-private niche, which is spatially open enough at the same time. The meticulous and mellow pattern of Chinese lattice window implies auspice and perfection, and combines freely with the high and low backrests. With all due functions, the sofa can rightly meet your needs of an aesthetic, comfortable and carefree life style.


【凤扇 PHOENIX FAN 】,以其简洁优雅的形态成为了集中体现中国古代文人修养和品味的文化符号。凤扇椅的设计灵感正源于这种典雅的文化传统。作品以其圆润端庄的形态体现了儒家文化端正温和的哲学内涵,同时也实现了舒服的坐感,适合体现优雅舒适的坐姿。With their charming simplicity and graceful shapes, folding fans are imbued with rich symbolic meanings since ancient China, such as those of elegant tastes and status. It is the age-old cultural tradition that has inspired the design of the Phoenix Fan chair. The round-shaped, elegant chair provides you old-fashioned comfort and even a sense of grandeur. Also, from the perspective of the Chinese culture, it embodies the righteous, benign philosophical teachings of Confucianism.


【轻扇 LIGHT FAN】团扇,以其柔和优雅的形态成为了集中体现中国古代诗意审美的文化符号。轻扇屏风的设计灵感来源于典雅的传统美学。该设计作为空间中的隔断,利用了团扇半透明的遮光特性,在若隐若现中传达出东方的含蓄之美。The artistically appealing the moon-shaped fans symbolizes union and happiness in ancient Chinesepoetry and calligraphy. The design of Light Fan is precisely based on the traditional esthetics of moon-shaped fans. The spatial partitioning and the semi-transparency of the moon-shaped fans convey, in a faintly discernible way, the emphasis of Oriental cultures on implicit beauty.


【 云萍 WATER LILY 】灵感来源于水中的浮萍,轻盈灵巧又充满了生机。打破传统的大桌面设计,大小错落的茶几面组合体现了别致的空间感,同时可让物品分类陈列于茶几之上。Inspired by the Water lily flowing on the surface of the water, the design is light, graceful and dynamic. It breaks away from the traditional design of large table tops, and instead combines table tops of different sizes and arranges them at varying levels. The unique design is also practical as objects can be displayed on different surfaces by category.


【 扇月 FAN MOON 】扇月是形如团扇的圆月,象征团圆和圆满。扇月椅以精巧的实木工艺和造型呈现出扇子典雅精致的美。同时,作品以其圆润端庄的形态体现了儒家文化端正温和的哲学内涵,同时也实现了舒适的坐感,适合自由放松的坐姿。体现了当代自由生活与传统文化的完美融合。Fan moon, or shanyue in Chinese, is an analogy to the round moon which denotes reunion and completeness in traditional Chinese culture. This exquisitely modeled solid wood recliner bears the beauty of elegance and delicacy of Chinese round fans. With a round and demure shape, it embodies the upright and mild philosophical connotation of Confucianism, and meanwhile provides comfort seating to accommodate your free and relaxing sitting postures. Therefore, it is indeed the perfect combination of modern free life and traditional culture.





展会第38届中国(上海)国际家具博览会:上海虹桥·国家会展中心2号馆-2B21,意思设计展A7      (上海市青浦区崧泽大道333号)
第22届中国国际家具展览会 :上海浦东·新国际博览中心 DOD展区,HALL E8A-A15(上海市浦东新区龙阳路2345号)